Accuracy and Updating Information

Please read terms and conditions before applying to any Services and check very cautiously of any malware content that might corrupt your ongoing work elsewhere. There are some rules that are important and its regulation is significant when exploited on the internet due to its diverse age groups.

Our precise information within the available ages of deliverance is required when in the crucified spectrum of available truth. An individual is only liable to spend a fortune after using the Services of our associates and payment is to be delivered to only the person involved with the Services and other than that no one can claim the payment from you. Information regarding the transaction betwixt our clients and associates is strictly prohibited from sharing. Any personal information conveyed with our associates will be kept confidential and there is no leakage in our security system. No amount of money will be accepted to reveal the information regarding this trade.


We accept payment through various means like credit cards, debit cards, cash, net banking etc. many variety of payments options are available within our Services and payment in Indian rupee is not the only option available here, we also accept different currencies to exploit the use of this Services by many other elements of society. Overall a method for advance payment is available for optimistic individuals.


No refunds are available after using the Services of our tempting and gorgeous associates and in case of unsatisfactory experience we will retire the balance with the next availed Services. There is a subtle agreement between our clients and our agency that is cherished by us dearly.


In order to book a seductress you must login to our website and select the preferred escorts with extreme ease. We have provided an email and a telephone number to engage in a written as well as a telephonic conversation before we reach a conclusive state.

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